How we're different from typical lenders

Every other lender I know uses other investor’s money in deals while getting paid up front for their service. But here’s the thing, after pay day they don’t give your project a second thought – sink or swim, they’ve already moved on to their next deal. 

At EPF we only lend out our OWN money. From the moment we issue a loan up until the final day we get paid off we are invested in the success of your project

With over 40 years of personal experience buying, managing, financing and profiting from Real Estate, we are not your typical Hard Money Lender because unlike our competitors we have skin in the game. Why not use our experience to your advantage?

We are able to commit quickly to a loan, rather than search through a list of money investors. We can close in less than a week. And, more importantly, we have NEVER not closed on a loan that we have committed to. 

What we look for

Depending on the property, no approval is needed. No survey is needed. We do not care about your credit history. We just look at the property. It is as simple as that!

A few of our Projects